Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hey, I got it!

Hi there, So I havent made a post in a while. This is mainly because I've been busy with, well, life. I've just had a lot of things to do. When I checked my email this morning I had an email from Michael at The Warrior's Rage saying they want me as one of their columnists for the warrior class. Yay! What's this mean for the sooo many readers I have(all sarcasm intended). Well, nothing. I'll still write this unread blog, for fun. But most likely not as much. And, as for a druid update. There really isnt. He's level 10, I sort of lied and specced him in balance. But hey, I can level faster now. But anywayy...Yea I got the gig on Warrior's Rage. Hope to have something up soon. Till next time,


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh wow, I guess I'm not as original as I thought

So, When I created this blog oh so long ago, not really. But anyway, when I started this blog I had pretty much no blog knowledge outside mmo-champion, and wow insider.
But now that I've started to read more wow blogs, I realize I was not the only one that had the idea to write a blog about being a noob in wow. So, If the guy at Noobding ever reads this, I apoligize if you think I stole your idea, which, I didnt. I didnt know about pretty much any other wow blogs at the time. But hey, Stregth in numbers? I'd say so. Ok so, enough with the sappy stuff :P. My good computer for gaming is broke, hooray! not really :/, oh well, I'll fix it, till next time,


Druid Challenge: Update One

So, a day or so ago I posted that I was taking the "Druid Challenge." This is where I level a class I know absolutely nothing about. So, the one class I know pretty much nothing about is the druid. My druid is now level 9, I started him last night, or better said, VERY early this morning. He's a Tauren, and my main is ally, and I have no friends on the Horde on my server, so my druid has no friends, or help. But, with all the aside he is doing quite well for a lvl 9.

I figure, once you get around level 10, leveling isn't just seriously automatic, so I'm going to try and grap at least two levels a day till hes around level 20, then one level a day till I'm like level 40. Give or take a day or so. I'll make some more updates on him later. So, I'll see you guys later, tell next time,


Saturday, March 20, 2010

So, I applied for a non-paying job online

A warrior blog i like to read is, The Warriors Rage, conveniatelly located at
Check it out, its pretty good. Anyway, The guy that runs the site is looking for writers for each class on his blog. I would love more experiance writing onling, so I applied for the position of warrior column writer. If I get this, which I really don't think I will, but if I do, I'll still write this blog, although I have little to no readers, it's fun anyway. But my primary focus will be the warrior column.
But as I said before, I probably won't get it.

While we are on the subject of WoW blogs. I sent an email to the people at, to see if this blog can get featured on their resource guide. This would be a big honor, because there are some big names on that guide. Names like, blog azeroth, mmo-champion, and cool stuff like that. Anyway, We'll see if I get that too, which would be super awsome. Well, thats all for now, till next time,


So, I just saw this, thought it was a good idea,

So, I saw an article on mmo-champion where someone asked, "What will you be doing the first day Cataclysm is released?" Well, if Cataclysm is released on a weekend, on in the summer, I will be taking off work to level to 85. If it's released during school, I will, just estatically wait all day through school to go home and start playing. Regardless of what day it is released, I will, hopefully, stand in line at my local game stop, till midnight when they release cataclysm, and get my collectors edition of Cataclysm.

On this post I saw on mmo-champion, a lot of people said they will be killing all the new Worgens, this is, on a pvp server of course. Typical horde :/. I don't think this will be possible though. I think that, jsut like they did in wrath, Blizzard will make the Worgen and Goblin starting zones in that "parallel universe thing". I know the word for it but I can't think of it at the moment. Just like the people that said they were going to farm all the new death knights. They realized they werent able to, because the death knights werent in that "world" i guess is the right term for it.

So, I don't think anyone will be able to farm new worgens or goblins for awhile. The will just lock the zones. Also, I would love to change races to a worgen, but, Blizzard already said they arent allowing race changes to new races for a while, sad day :(. But..I'll survive, somehow... I hope I can pull of a server first for warrior to 85. But, being the noob I am the odds of that are astronomical. So, I guess my question to readers(if I even have any) is, what will you be doing on the first day Cataclysm is released? Till next time,


I am taking the druid challenge!

So today, i was reading the blog, Can Tank, Will Travel. I saw a post on there where he said he was taking the "Shaman Challenge." Basically that post was about how he has never played a shaman/healer. So, he was challenging himself to level a healer shaman.

Naturally this sounded like a great idea, play a class youve never really played before. So I decided to take this challenge, the one class I have never really played is a druid, and a resto druid at that. I have levelled a druid to about level 10, and got bored. So now, I'm challenging myself to create a resto druid, and level him to at LEAST level 40. This will be..difficult at the least for me, considering I normally get bored of leveling a charecter when it gets around level 12ish.

To make this challenge even harder I decided to make the toon a Horde toon. Because I am Alliance, and I don't know any Horde players on my server. So, I am going to start leveling a Tauren druid on Vek'nilash. I really hope I dont get bored of leveling him, consindering I don't really the Horde, or a Tauren at that. And I will have like no friends in my faction.

Anyway, I hope to get this toon to at least level 40. I'll update on how he's doing, wish me luck! Till next time,


Friday, March 19, 2010

Um, I dont like douchebags :p

So, I'm sitting around in me ever so boring life, thinking, and I realize, I really hate douchebags, especially in WoW, when your in a group for a dungeon, and just based on your gear alone, they call you out and say you suck, then leave the group. No fun :///

Anyway, not to get your empathy or anything, I really just dont like jerks in WoW. I mean, I understand is a low level asks you for help and your busy, so you say you can't help. But, lets not just be plain mean to the new players. Now, I'm not telling you to go around giving out free gold(but that is rather nice :)) Im just saying that we all should be generally nicer to people in WoW. Think back to when you first started playing, now, unless you have a friend, or sibling, that played before you, you probably didn't know a whole lot about the World of Warcraft. So, when someone asks you for help, or advice, I think we should give it to them, unless of course, your doing something of greater importance.

Also, don't shoot people down in dungeons or raids just based on their gear. I think everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves, who knows, maybe they will turn out to be a really great player.(World of Warcraft player that it, not the player player ;)) Till next time,